The Musique Loft
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The Musique Loft “Where passionate & dedicated musicians come together like a family”

The Musique Loft, provides a platform for passionate musicians, artists and teachers to share the same vision and passion for music. We aim to be the pillar of musicians and teachers in the classical music scene.

Our Vision
The Musique Loft will be seen as a family where musical and artistic excellence are encouraged and promoted through all forms of music education, performance and experience.

Our Objectives
To provide a performing platform for emerging musical youths and internationally renowned concert pianists.

To develop an inspiring community for teachers to share their common love and passion in music and to create learning opportunities for pianistic skills and musical proficiency enhancement.

To create and support local and overseas concerts, seminars, workshops, competitions, festivals as well as music education events.

To share and inspire the love of music, to expand all forms of music education and to encourage and promote the artistic advancement of emerging musical artists.

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